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The Martin Kilpatrick Conversion Table Tennis Top is a quality ping pong board. There are a few minor issues that we mention below but it’s also really sturdy, easy to install and offers a great, consistent bounce.

  • Heavy, sturdy and solid
  • Great playing capabilities
  • Effective connection system
  • foam pads too small + a few minor issues (see below)
Key specifications:

Heavy and Sturdy, Fits Perfectly

a product shot of the Martin Kilpatrick Conversion TopLet’s start with the delivery – a few customers mentioned receiving a slightly damaged product but the vast majority praised the quality packaging (double layered cardboard box, additional padding and protection around corners etc.) and received the table in a perfect condition. Only a few people mentioned some screws on the frame were overtightened, fell out and had to be replaced.

Be prepared that this Martin Kilpatrick Conversion Top is pretty heavy and two people are needed to unload and install it. However, putting it on or off the pool table is really simple. And thanks to the weight it’s also very sturdy and solid – once in place it will move only if you push on it fairly hard.

According to the users, it fits an 8ft pool table perfectly, 7ft tables are also ok and the manufacturer claims it fits also some 9ft tables after you remove the metal rails. One customer complained the middle of the table sags a bit (as the rails are only on the sides) but no other review confirmed that, so probably just a defective piece.

The only problem that kept repeating is that the foam pads that protect the pool table are too small and not sufficient. So people use either a table cover or some blankets, towels or those felt pads that are used under furniture.

Quality Surface with Great Bounce

While this table top is not particularly cheap, it offers a really good quality and workmanship. The board is 3/4" (19mm) thick so it’s one step above the traditional 5/8" recreational tables – and according to some players the feel is similar to much more expensive ping pong tables.

The surface is really nice and offers a true and consistent bounce all over the board. Plus you can even select you preferred color – blue, green or grey.

Net and Connection System

When speaking about quality, we can say the net is definitely worse than the top – users rate is as "ok". So it might be reasonable to wait until it needs replacing and then upgrade to a better one. On the other hand, it’s very easy to install, you just slide it in.

And last but not the least, the two halves are joined using a dovetail fitting. It is actually plastic, not brass as it seems on the product photo – but users love this system, it works really well. Simple but effective.

Conclusion:  If you are short on space and need to convert your pool table to a ping pong table, the Martin Kilpatrick Conversion Table Tennis Top would be a great product for you. There are a few minor disadvantages like the inadequate protection pads but it’s also easy to install, very solid and sturdy and offers great playing capabilities. We can definitely recommend it.

You can also check the JOOLA conversion top which offers a similar quality for lower price.

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the joining system      three colors to choose from


  • Brand: Martin Kilpatrick
  • Type: Indoor, Table top, 2-piece
  • Thickness: 3/4″ (19mm)

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Frequently asked questions:

How do the two halves stay together?

Dovetail joints are used and it works perfectly.

Does it come with any accessories, paddles, balls etc.?

You can select if you want just the table tennis top or a paddle set as well.

Does it clamp to the table underneath?

No, it just sits on it, no clamps needed. And thanks to its weight it doesn’t move at all.

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