JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top Review

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The JOOLA Conversion Top is a quality ping pong board – solid, sturdy and offers decent playing capabilities and a nice padding along the entire bottom. The only problem is the lower quality net system.

  • Heavy, sturdy and solid
  • Good playing capabilities
  • Effective padding underneath
  • problems with the net system
Key specifications:

Heavy, Sturdy and With Great Foam Padding

detail of the net and postsThe entire process of converting your pool table into a ping pong one begins with the delivery of the conversion top so let’s start with that.

The users’ opinions are rather mixed concerning this matter, some wrote the packaging is excellent and that there was no damage to the table, some reported a damaged box but the product in perfect condition and a few people received a damaged board. Fortunately all the reported scratches or dents were not on the surface area and didn’t affect the play at all.

The board itself consists of two parts and is actually pretty heavy so be prepared to ask someone for help with manipulation. On the other hand, the setup is simple and takes only about 10-15 minutes and when you want to play pool again, you can remove the top in a few minutes.

There is no connection system to the table underneath so it fits all kinds of tables (not just billiard) up to 8 feet in length easily. And larger ones are not a big problem either if you don’t mind that they’ll outreach the dimensions of the top on each side. Plus the higher weight ensures it will stay put even without any connection.

This JOOLA conversion top is really sturdy and the best part is that it comes with a foam padding along the entire bottom to protect the table underneath from scratches – much better system than those small pads on the Martin Kilpatrick top for example.

The full foam padding

Nice Color and Good Bounce

It offers the classical 5/8" thickness used for recreational tables and users report it plays well, the bounce is nice and consistent.

People also love the color, the charcoal gray finish looks really cool.

Just a couple users mentioned a very little sag in the middle (1-2 mm) so they just broke the spare MDF from shipping, stacked it under the middle and it worked great.

Worse Net System

It seems that the only problem of this top might be the net system. Some customers rated it as "ok" but there were also opinions about the string which keeps the net taught that it keeps popping out and does not last long. Also the posts look pretty cheap so these parts definitely do not match the quality of the board.

Conclusion:  If you are short on space and need to convert your pool or kitchen table to a ping pong table, the JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top would be a great product for you. The net system could have been better, but overall it’s a quality piece of equipment, sturdy, solid, with good playing capabilities and effective protective pads on the bottom side. We can definitely recommend it.

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  • Brand: JOOLA
  • Type: Indoor, Table top, 2-piece
  • Thickness: 5/8″ (15mm)

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Frequently asked questions:

Can it be placed on a normal table?

Yes, it works on normal tables as well, not just on pool tables.

What about pool tables longer than 8 feet?

The design will work, just be aware there will be a few inches of the pool table revealed on each side – so you can hit it accidentally with the paddle or the ball can land on it and bounce away.

Does it come with any accessories, paddles, balls etc.?

No, it does not.

Does it clamp to the table underneath?

No, it just sits on it, no clamps needed. And thanks to its weight it doesn’t move at all.

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