JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

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The JOOLA NOVA Outdoor is a decent ping pong table designed for outdoor use. It plays well, is sturdy, easy to assemble and resistant to rain or sunshine. However, users also reported a few quality issues.

  • Sturdy, easy to assemble, plays well
  • Rust-free, resistant to sun damage
  • Easy to fold, move or store
  • some quality issues (see below)
Key specifications:
JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

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Sturdy and Easy to Assemble

man and woman enjoying playing on the Joola NOVA Outside tableAs similar tables, the JOOLA Nova Outdoor is also pretty heavy – but fortunately it comes in very good packaging, not just a cheap cardboard box. Several customers mentioned that even if the box arrived damaged, the table itself was in a perfect shape.

The assembly is a piece of cake, basically you just attach the legs which can be done in 15-30 minutes. We would just recommend to ask a second person for help with lifting the heavy board pieces.

And considering the quality of construction, most users reported the entire table is well made, solid and stable, the legs are sturdy, no flimsy parts.

Thin Aluminum Top

As the name implies, it is an outdoor table, designed for your deck or backyard – a popular option is also to use it indoor in colder months and take it outside in the spring. It’s rust and sun-resistant and comes with a weatherproof net – plus most users also use a cover for additional protection.

To withstand the heat or humidity and prevent any warping, a 6mm aluminum plastic composite board is used instead of a traditional one. And according to the users it plays well and offers a good, consistent bounce – just be careful as the surface can get scratched pretty easily.

And the table itself looks really nice, the blue color is vibrant, only the white marks do not hold up very well and can be rubbed off with a cloth after some time.

Playback mode

Mixed Opinions About the Net System

The opinions about the net system are rather mixed – some people liked the net but some rated it as poor quality, some wrote the clamps keep the two table halves nicely together and some disagreed. A few users also described the tightening clamps as lower quality and made of cheap plastic.

There seems to be a slight confusion how to actually attach the clamps but once you figure it out it’s very easy to remove them or put them back on.

Easy to Fold, Convert or Store

Like most popular tables it uses two separate halves instead of a one large board – which offers the advantages of a compact storage (the parts nest together when folded) or you can fold just one half and enjoy the playback mode.

Folding or converting the parts back into the playing mode is quick and extremely easy and thanks to the adjustable feet it’s also simple to level the entire surface.

Portability is another advantage of the JOOLA Nova, the wheels roll smoothly and can be locked to stay in place. Only one user experienced problems with the wheels falling off.

Conclusion:  While the JOOLA NOVA Outdoor is not a bad table (it’s sturdy, easy to put together, fold or store and offers a good bounce) there are also a few problems we mentioned in the review that certainly damage its reputation. So we would rather recommend you the Stiga XTR Outdoor which is cheaper and also better rated.

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easy to store      adjustable feet


  • Brand: JOOLA
  • Type: Outdoor, 2-piece
  • Thickness: 6mm

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Frequently asked questions:

How to assemble it?
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What cover would you recommend for this table?

Currently the most popular is probably the Kettler Heavy-Duty Cover.

Does it come with any accessories, paddles, balls etc.?

No, it does not.

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