JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table Review

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The JOOLA Inside is a popular and quality model designed particularly for beginners or casual players. It’s easy to manipulate, fold or store and offers a solid, durable construction.

  • Well made, solid, easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold, move or store
  • problems with the customer service
Key specifications:

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

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Heavy But Very Easy to Assemble

a family playing on the JOOLA Inside tableAccording to the customers, the Joola Indoor ping pong table weighs close to 200 pounds so you can imagine the delivery is not a breeze – but only a couple users reported some damaged part, the vast majority were really satisfied and praised the effective packaging.

The instructions could have been better but don’t worry, the assembly is super simple and can be done in 20 minutes without a problem. Just ask somebody for help, some parts are really heavy.

Solid Construction and Decent Bounce

This table is very well made and the substantial weight also means it’s extra sturdy and solid, there aren’t any flimsy parts and the overall appearance and color is also very nice.

As it is designed mainly for casual players and family play, the default board thickness is 5/8" (15mm). You can get also a 3/4" or 1" but for a typical recreational player the 5/8" is ideal, you get a good and very consistent bounce for a reasonable price.

The playback mode

2-piece Design, Easy to Fold

The Joola Indoor is a classical 2-piece table with spring clamps that keep the halves together and also hold the net.

And we can say the halves line up perfectly, and if there’s any problem you can adjust the feet at the bottom of the table legs to level it. The clamps are pretty strong, the halves do not move during playing at all. And the net is easy to setup as well.

Another benefit of the 2-piece design is easy storage and the possibility of a solo play mode. Folding one or both halves takes only a few seconds and even 10-year old kids can do it alone – and when folded, the parts nest together and require very little floor space when stored.

Rolling the table is also pretty easy and the locking wheels ensure it won’t move during the game.


During examining the reviews, we didn’t find any serious problem associated with this table – however, several users reported receiving a slightly defective piece (for example some legs shorter than the others) and not being able to get in touch with the customer service.

Conclusion:  JOOLA Inside is a quality ping pong table for beginners or family play – it is well made, sturdy and easy to use, move or store. We can definitely recommend it.

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easy storage      the locking wheels


  • Brand: JOOLA
  • Type: Indoor, 2-piece
  • Thickness: 5/8″ (15mm)

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Frequently asked questions:

How to assemble it?
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How do the two halves stay together?

The net clamps holds them together – and there is no problem with the halves drifting apart.

Does it come with any accessories, paddles, balls etc.?

That depends on which option you select – you can get a combo kit with paddles and balls.

What are the dimensions of the table when stored?

It is approximately 24.5″ deep, 62″ wide and 64″ high.

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